Top 6 Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

Whether you’re just starting your coding career or deciding which step to take in 2020, these are will be great programming languages to learn. Lean why!

The future of work and employment has irrevocably changed in the 21st Century. In their article Technology, Jobs, and the Future Of Work, the business consultancy firm McKinsey writes “The world of work is in a state of flux, which is causing considerable anxiety—and with good reason.”

McKinsey goes on to discuss some of the reasons for these changes. Stagnant wages and inflation are causing more people than ever to consider a career change. The looming threat of automation is hanging over the head of working-class families, as well.

If you’re looking for a stable career with actual growth potential, you should think about working in tech. For one thing, tech jobs are some of the best-paying positions you can find that require minimal education.

Software developers earn an average of $107,590 per year, for instance. That’s with only a Bachelor’s Degree. Computer programmers earn slightly less, with an average annual salary of $84,820.

Have you been considering a career in tech? We’re going to show you the best programming languages to learn to get started or further your career in the coming new year.

The 6 Best Programming Languages To Learn

Before you begin learning a programming language, you should take a moment and figure out your ideal career trajectory. Think about what sector of tech you’d like to work in.

Are you passionate about personal finance? Do you want to work in environmentalism? What about entertainment?

Determining what you’d like to do will make a major impact on the best programming languages to learn for your particular needs.


Python is currently the most in-demand programming language to learn. That’s good news, as it’s also one of the most accessible.

Several of the internet’s biggest sites were developed using Python. Pinterest, YouTube, and Survey Monkey are all built around the popular programming language.

Numerous Python frameworks are also highly in-demand. Django, Flask, Pyramid, and Turbo Gears are all popular web frameworks developed with Python.


JavaScript has been one of the most popular programming and development languages for nearly 20 years. JavaScript has a vibrant community thanks to its longevity, which makes it easy and efficient to learn. It also has a number of practical applications as so much of the internet is built around the programming language.

JavaScript is popular for building front-end web applications. It’s used for some of the most popular technological tools of recent years. Node.js is built with JavaScript, for instance.

JavaScript isn’t terribly expensive to implement, given the number of resources available for the language. This makes it popular with startups and entrepreneurs. If you’re wanting to work with small and independently-owned businesses, JavaScript is a useful language to learn.


Java is a popular language for Android app development. It’s mainly useful for building large web applications. If you’re wanting to go into the business sector, Java is a useful language to know.

Java’s a very stable language. This makes it popular for a lot of larger businesses. This means there’s a lot of job prospects if you’re proficient with Java.

Android itself is actually built with Java. There’s a large demand for Android apps at the moment. Google’s Android studios is a Java-based web framework. Learning Java will unlock a wide array of career opportunities.


PHP is a popular language for backend development. PHP is a Hypertext processing language that is open-sourced and used as a general scripting-language for web applications.

PHP is also useful for embedding HTML code from the server-side. While PHP isn’t quite as trending as Python or JavaScript. It’s popularity among larger businesses and corporations make still make it worthwhile to learn if you’re trying to get a job in the corporate sector.


If you’re thinking about going into programming, you should really consider learning C and C++. Nearly every basic function of computer operating systems are written in C/C++. That makes it incredibly fast and stable to use.

C++ has also been widely used for decades. It’s got an extensive library of templates, algorithms, and data structures. There’s also a vibrant community of C++ programmers that can help you with any problem you might encounter.

Many of the most popular software applications are written in C++ as well. Both Microsoft Windows and Google Chrome are written in C++.


Kotlin is a general-purpose development language with a type interface. It’s meant to be interchangeable with Java. It combines object-oriented and functional programming approaches.

Kotlin was adopted as one of the official languages that Android uses. Considering its usefulness in integrating with Java, this makes it one of the best programming languages to learn in and of itself.

Many Java apps are even being re-written using Kotlin. Both Pinterest and Coursera have switched to Kotlin thanks to its robust tool support.

As Kotlin begins to phase out Java, it’s only going to become more widespread.

Kotlin is useful for:

  • Android development
  • Web development
  • Desktop development
  • Server-side development

Tech jobs are the way of the future. Market forces like globalization and automation won’t go back in the bottle. You’ve got to prepare for the future.

Learning development and how to write code will help you future-proof your career!

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