Pro PHP: Top Skills Every Good PHP Developer Should Have

When looking for a PHP developer, you need to make sure they have the right qualifications. Learn the top skills you should keep your eye out for.

There’s one thing that all PHP developers know — the value of having multiple skills. The coding language isn’t one that people use to build complex systems and create new programs. Instead, it’s a language that’s designed to help link systems and create better overall projects.

Only knowing PHP and disregarding other languages like Javascript or its libraries sets you up for failure. And PHP developers don’t just need experience in other tangential languages to succeed. They also need to overcome the common pitfalls anyone in the tech industry can fall into.

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Find the Right Talent: Web Developer Interview Questions You Need to Ask

A good developer can bring long-term value to your business. Check out some web developer interview questions every hiring manager should ask.

Are you planning to do some web developer interviews? Great!

For the longest time, you’ve been thinking that all those web skills you learned in college (you did an internship after all) and believe they’ll allow you to save lots of money by developing your business’s website.

Think again. It isn’t as though you don’t need a website. But realistically speaking, how much of it are you able to do yourself–given how long it’s been since you were in college and how much else you have to do these days?

We’re here to help you out!

But First a Short Discussion

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New Web Development Trends Companies Should Know About

Some web development trends come while others are always in demand. See which are which with this list of the top trends this year.


It’s impossible to overstate the importance of keeping up with recent web development trends. It only takes 50 milliseconds for a user to form an impression of your website. You don’t want that impression to be a negative one.

57% of users report being unwilling to recommend a business that doesn’t load properly for mobile, for instance. Having an outdated website can destroy your company’s credibility you’ve worked so hard to build. You’re also losing out on the powerful word-of-mouth recommendations you could be bringing in.

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Hiring Checklist – How to Hire a Mobile App Developer

Ready to create an app? Read our hiring checklist that explains how to hire a mobile app developer, step by step. It ensures the best talent for the job.

Over 194 billion apps were downloaded last year. For most people, using mobile apps is something they do to make their devices more functional or to alleviate boredom. The ever-growing mobile app market allows business owners and entrepreneurs to attract a larger audience if they can provide a functional and appealing program.

The main hurdle most business owners have to deal with when trying to develop an app is their lack of knowledge of programming and app platforms. Instead of trying in vain to build your own app, you need to hire an experienced developer to help you out. Learning how to hire a mobile app developer will not be an easy process.

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Programming Languages – The News One Worth Knowing About

Programming jobs are growing 12% faster than the average market. The upcoming programming languages are responding to the demands of better languages. And each language has different implementations and use cases. So if you’re not sure about which new programming languages to keep a close eye on and what they have to offer, keep watching!

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Software Engineer Interview Questions: Questions to Land the Right Person

If you’re looking to hire a software engineer, you need to be sure you’re hiring the right person for the job. Drafting up questions to ask a programmer can be tough, especially if you aren’t a programmer yourself. To help, here are some questions if you’re struggling with your interview process.

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Should You Include a Coding Test in Your Interview?

Should you including a programmer test in your Interview process? It’s a question many ask. Here’s how to decide whether or not to do it.

While many jobs in the worldwide economy are experiencing downsizing, technology jobs are seeing steady growth to the tune of 7.3 million jobs in the US alone as of 2017.

Due to this trend, people wanting to be attractive to potential employers are positioning themselves as having coding knowledge required for jobs in software development, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and more.

But how can you tell if an applicant actually possesses the skills they’re claiming they have? After all, a resume only gives you so much insight.

This problem creates a question. Should hiring managers implement a programmer test into their interview process?

This post discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages of a programming test. We hope it’s valuable to both people hiring and those applying for coding jobs. These are some reasons why a programmer test makes sense in the interview process.

1) You Can Assess Whether or Not Candidates Have Non-negotiable Skills

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Hiring The Best Front-end Developers

The right front-end developers can be game changers for your company. Here’s how to hire front-end developers that rock.

So you just got your business up and running or it has been up for a while but not running as well as you’d like?

Either way, it is without question that creating an effective website is a necessary step in the direction of your business’ success.

Traditionally, you could read some books and create your own website.

However, in today’s tech-savvy market, there is no way an amateur site can compete against professionally designed sites that are optimized for maximum search engine visibility.

There are many web developers and web designers out there and every single one is different. Also, every project and every business is different.

Below is a discussion on how to make sure that you hire front-end developers who are right for the job and that you’re getting good value for money.

Find The Right Person or Team

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Find a Programmer: Why Skills Matter More Than Formal Training

Degrees and training might be top priorities for other positions. But when you need to find a programmer, your focus should always be on their skills.

When it comes to finding quality employees, you focus on certain characteristics. In the case of computer programmers, you’ll want the right candidate to have a Bachelor’s degree. (Especially at a national average of almost $40 per hour.)

But while degrees and training might be top priorities for certain positions, it shouldn’t be the case with programmers. To find a programmer that’s right for your company, the focus should always be on their skills.

Here’s why skills matter more than training when it comes to programmers.

Skills > Training

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15 Software Engineer Interview Questions You Should Always Ask

If you’re looking to hire a software engineer, you need to be sure you’re hiring the right person for the job. Here are 15 software engineer interview questions that you should always remember to ask.

Computer science, despite its birth in the ’80s and ’90s, is still a rapidly growing job field. Globally, there are an estimated 18.2 million software developers. It seems like the common advice for college-aged people is to learn how to code.

This is a good and a bad thing for an employer. A larger hiring pool means that you have more candidates to choose from, but it may also dilute the overall quality of said hiring pool. Because of this, it’s harder to find the most qualified candidates.

If you yourself don’t have programming experience, it can be doubly difficult. But we’re here to help. If you’re having trouble with your hiring process, you may want to check out these software engineer interview questions.

15 of the Best Software Engineer Interview Questions

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