The Average Computer Programmer Salary Compared to Other IT Jobs

Are you considering a career path in programming? What’s the average computer programmer salary compared to other IT jobs? We highlight the pay grades here.

Getting a job in computer programming is an attractive proposition in a world that is reliant on technology. There’s no shortage of jobs, dozens of options for specializing, and that computer programmer salary is nothing to sniff at.

But how does it compare to what you’d earn as an SEO specialist? Or as a UI designer? Or a site tester?

Do these tech industries have what it takes to challenge programming in terms of pay? Join us in today’s article as we take a closer look at how programming salaries compare to other IT jobs.

Programmer Salaries

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Great Tips And Tricks For Assessing Your Programming Ability

When it comes to landing a job in todays tech industry, making sure your programming ability is up to par can be essential. Great tips for improving your code.

Gaining a job in the tech industry means being on the leading edge when it comes to your programming skills. By honing your skills, you’re providing more value to your employer while at the same time developing habits that increase your efficiency.

But without a nonarbitrary standard to measure your skills against, how do you know if your programming is up to snuff?

Read on to learn our top tips on how to assess and improve your programming ability!

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Putting Your Coding Skill To The Test – How To Make Sure You are Building Strong Code

Great Ways Of Putting Your Coding Skill To The Test

Great tips and strategies for helping you put your strong coding skill to the test. How to make sure you are building clean code.

You’re up to date on the latest frameworks, you’ve got a Github with some shiny portfolio projects in it, and you’ve been preparing your answers for common interview questions. But the technical interview is still looming ahead of you – what will you be asked to do, and do you really have the coding skill to get hired?

You’ll want to make sure your fundamentals are strong enough. What if you’re asked to make some tricky sorting algorithm for a dataset with a particularly weird structure?

Let’s cover some of the more abstract traits that interviewers directly test for so that when you walk into the room, you know you’ll be able to handle whatever they throw at you.

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Pro PHP: Top Skills Every Good PHP Developer Should Have

When looking for a PHP developer, you need to make sure they have the right qualifications. Learn the top skills you should keep your eye out for.

There’s one thing that all PHP developers know — the value of having multiple skills. The coding language isn’t one that people use to build complex systems and create new programs. Instead, it’s a language that’s designed to help link systems and create better overall projects.

Only knowing PHP and disregarding other languages like Javascript or its libraries sets you up for failure. And PHP developers don’t just need experience in other tangential languages to succeed. They also need to overcome the common pitfalls anyone in the tech industry can fall into.

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Find the Right Talent: Web Developer Interview Questions You Need to Ask

A good developer can bring long-term value to your business. Check out some web developer interview questions every hiring manager should ask.

Are you planning to do some web developer interviews? Great!

For the longest time, you’ve been thinking that all those web skills you learned in college (you did an internship after all) and believe they’ll allow you to save lots of money by developing your business’s website.

Think again. It isn’t as though you don’t need a website. But realistically speaking, how much of it are you able to do yourself–given how long it’s been since you were in college and how much else you have to do these days?

We’re here to help you out!

But First a Short Discussion

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New Web Development Trends Companies Should Know About

Some web development trends come while others are always in demand. See which are which with this list of the top trends this year.


It’s impossible to overstate the importance of keeping up with recent web development trends. It only takes 50 milliseconds for a user to form an impression of your website. You don’t want that impression to be a negative one.

57% of users report being unwilling to recommend a business that doesn’t load properly for mobile, for instance. Having an outdated website can destroy your company’s credibility you’ve worked so hard to build. You’re also losing out on the powerful word-of-mouth recommendations you could be bringing in.

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