Hiring Checklist – How to Hire a Mobile App Developer

Ready to create an app? Read our hiring checklist that explains how to hire a mobile app developer, step by step. It ensures the best talent for the job.

Over 194 billion apps were downloaded last year. For most people, using mobile apps is something they do to make their devices more functional or to alleviate boredom. The ever-growing mobile app market allows business owners and entrepreneurs to attract a larger audience if they can provide a functional and appealing program.

The main hurdle most business owners have to deal with when trying to develop an app is their lack of knowledge of programming and app platforms. Instead of trying in vain to build your own app, you need to hire an experienced developer to help you out. Learning how to hire a mobile app developer will not be an easy process.

There are tons of app developers working in today’s marketplace, which is researching all of your options is vital. The following are some of the considerations to make before hiring a mobile app developer to bring your vision to life.

Choosing a Platform For an App is the First Order of Business

Before you go out in search of the right app developer, there are a few details you should nail down. The main thing you have to figure out about your app is what platform you want to offer it on. The only way to make this decision correctly is by researching your customer base.

Performing a survey of existing customers will help you figure out whether your audience uses mostly Android or Apple devices. Neglecting to get this information can lead to you having lots of problems in the future.

If you have the time and money to invest in a cross-platform development process, this may be a good idea. However, most newcomers to the world of mobile apps prefer testing their new product on one platform to ensure it is going to be well received. The last thing you want is to waste money on a cross-platform development process for an unpopular app.

Benefits of Using iOS App Development

When choosing a platform for your app, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each marketplace. Apple generally has higher ratings when it comes to easy to use interfaces. The iOS platform is also more secure due to the tons of external threats Apple deals with on a daily basis.

If you choose to use iOS for your app, finding a developer who has experience with the Swift programming language is a must. This language is both easy to read and maintain, which is why it is so popular in the app development community.

Swift is also considered a safer platform due to the syntax and language constructions it has in place. With these tools, app developers will make fewer mistakes, which means a lower possibility of glitches or app crashes.

Why Android is a Popular Option

If you are looking to get your foot in the door without investing a lot of money, then using Android to power your app is a good idea. Android provides developers with free software development kits. This helps to reduce the amount of licensing fees and develop costs a business owner incurs.

Having success with an Android app is only possible when finding a developer who is familiar with the coding language known as Kotlin. Most developers use Kotlin because of how easy it is to navigate.

It also has the added bonus of incorporating seamlessly into Android Studio. This means all a developer needs to get to work on your app is a few plugins and some Kotlin knowledge.

Assess the Developer’s Grasp of the Project At Hand

Some business owners allow their desire to be first to market cloud their judgement during the app developer hiring process. Instead of rushing through this important decision, carve some time out to spend with the developers at your disposal. Often, a face to face meeting with an app developer can give you a sense of how well they will perform if hired.

Once you explain the main purpose of your new app, ask questions about how the developer would approach building it. Ideally, you want to choose an app developer that can provide a roadmap to app development success.

If a particular app developer can only offer a one-size-fits-all approach, you should continue your search. Hiring a developer that understands the unique needs of your business and app is crucial to the overall success of this process. With a few face to face interviews, you can start narrowing down the selection of app developers.

Verifying Previous Experience is Crucial

Building a functional mobile app from scratch can be a very challenging process. Without skill and experience, getting this work done will be very difficult. Unfortunately, there are a number of beginner app developers that lie about the amount of experience they have.

Most developers who do this think that these lies will help them land more lucrative jobs. Regardless of what a potential app developer hire claims they have done, it is your job to verify it. Asking for references from past clients is a great way to get a feel for how well an app developer has performed.

Downloading a few of their past app development projects is also a good idea. Doing this can help you assess how skilled the developer is and whether or not their previous programs work properly. Ignoring the need for this type of in-depth research can lead to the wrong hire being made.

Don’t Let Money Be the Determining Factor for Hiring an App Developer

Saving money is something most business owners are adamant about. While there is nothing wrong with staying on a budget, money should not be the only factor you consider when hiring an app developer. Just because a particular developer can do the work for far less than a competitor doesn’t mean it will be good work.

When it comes to hiring an app developer, you get what you pay for. This means that going with the cheapest quote will usually lead to a less than stellar app being produced.

The app you provide to consumers is a representation of your brand, which is why your main goal should be providing a high-quality program. The money you invest in a well-built mobile app will be worth it considering the sales leads it can help you generate.

Mapping Out How Long This Process Will Take

During the consultations with app developers, you will discuss a number of important issues. One of the main things you need to be sure to cover during these meetings is how long it will take a developer to finish this work.

Not only will you need to hear them say how long it will take, you will also need to get them to put it in writing. Doing this can help you keep the developer on track throughout this process.

Before going in for a meeting with a potential app developer hire, make a list of questions. By doing this, you can make sure all of the bases are covered during the meeting.

Learning How to Hire a Mobile App Developer Takes Time

When trying to figure out how to hire a mobile app developer, the last thing you need to do is get impatient. While finding the right developer is a time-consuming process, it is definitely worth the effort.

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