Hiring The Best Front-end Developers

How to Hire Front-End Developers That Rock

The right front-end developers can be game changers for your company. Here’s how to hire front-end developers that rock.

So you just got your business up and running or it has been up for a while but not running as well as you’d like?

Either way, it is without question that creating an effective website is a necessary step in the direction of your business’ success.

Traditionally, you could read some books and create your own website.

However, in today’s tech-savvy market, there is no way an amateur site can compete against professionally designed sites that are optimized for maximum search engine visibility.

There are many web developers and web designers out there and every single one is different. Also, every project and every business is different.

Below is a discussion on how to make sure that you hire front-end developers who are right for the job and that you’re getting good value for money.

Find The Right Person or Team

The best way to start this would be to explain what exactly front-end development entails.

Front-end development is focused on the way the user interacts with the system and how the system interacts with the user as well.

The front-end developer is mainly concerned with how the user uses the system and how the system responds to those user interactions as well.
In terms of the technology, they are more focused on development tools like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

A front-end developer can, therefore, produce websites very quickly, create prototypes of websites, or even perform wireframing.
They are more concerned with the user journey. User experience and user interface are key for front-end development.

A front-end developer would need to have the knowledge of manipulating images and putting images into a website or a mobile application. So they would need to have technical skills in Photoshop or GIMP.

However, they wouldn’t necessarily be fully fledged graphics designers or topographers. But they need to have a bit of appreciation and understanding of what they do.

When considering options to hire front-end developers, focus on certain aspects as discussed below.

Look at Their Portfolio

A strong and presentable portfolio is key when looking to hire front-end developers.

The developers or designers with strong portfolios are often going to charge a lot of money because they could be in demand.

It also means that if they’re in demand, will they have the capacity and the time to work on your project.

Starting with their portfolio is very important.

Ask yourself, do you like what you see? Do the websites they have created look like the kind of thing that you would want?

If they are, then there’s a good chance they’ll be able to do the same thing for you and deliver quality results.

Hire Front-end Developers Who Understand Your Business

Make sure the individual or company that you’re looking into hiring have accomplished similar work.

This is very important because a lot of times, you’ll get these programmers who have really good credentials and they’ll have a good background. However, they haven’t worked on similar projects like you want.

So make sure you hire front-end developers who have worked on projects that resemble what you want.

Finding somebody who understands what you need from your website and understands how your business works are key.

You might find a developer or a designer who has a really strong portfolio, but it’s in a completely different field.

In this case, they might be able to make a great website, but if they’ve completely missed the point of what your website needs to do, your website is not going to be effective.

This is probably more important than having a better-designed website. Your website has to be effective and needs to fulfill its purpose.

The main focus should be to get not only a well-designed website but also an effective one.

So don’t just go with a developer who presents a strong portfolio but also consider their proficiency in what your business needs.

Find Somebody Who Understands What You Need

Before getting started on a project, make sure the developers or designers you’re about to hire have a fully comprehensive understanding of what you want.

When people ask you questions and get feedback, it is a really good sign that they understand what you want.

So make sure you get somebody who really understands what you want and gives you a clear layout of the whole project.

Make Sure They Have Good Communication Skills

Being able to communicate with the front-end developer is very important.
This is because you will have to explain what you need and what you require of them.

If you’re having communication problems, then many things are going to get lost in translation.
Instructions are going to be misunderstood and you want to make sure that there are no misunderstandings.

You have to make sure they understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve and they don’t make any assumptions.

One of the ways to avoid this is with proper communication.
You have to be in contact with them and be able to actually sit down and brainstorm with them.

Assess whether they seem to understand your points. Can they reiterate the points that you make back to you? This shows that they have understood.

Aside from having the technical skill, a front-end developer should have the ability to communicate well.

Set Meaningful Expectations

Things tend to fall apart quickly in the web design process when there is a mismatch of expectations.

You, therefore, need to set achievable standards and deadlines for the front-end developers and also give a leeway for technical hitches.

The Bottom Line

So how do you make sure that you’ve got good synergy and you’re connecting and hiring the right people?

As discussed, front-end developers need to bring certain abilities to the table. These include proficient technical skill and extensive knowledge of user experience and design.

If you are serious about establishing a strong internet presence for your business, then you need to get serious about your business’s website and that means you need to hire IT professionals or developers.

When looking to hire front-end developers, ensure they have a good portfolio followed up by up-to-date knowledge and specialization in your platform. For more information, contact us.

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